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IIS Windows server using IIRF4 rewrite ISAPI
Then I have a IIS webserver too
but frankly I never tried to use fancy-urls because it's too tricky to me.
Anyway about your problem

take a look at this...
it is for joomla but you could converti it

Let me know

(2013-11-01, 11:15:34)xrmarcis Wrote: I know it's a shot in the dark but i really was wondering if someone could help me out to try and figure out some Rules that will work.

I'd like to use fancy urls but cannot seem to get the rules right. I've seen a plugin for web.config but cannot get it to work. Always get Error 500 when I use a web.config on my Windows Host.

I have Getsimple 3.2.3 installed and a site configured to use Fancy Urls.

Has anyone experience in trying to get this to work?

Thank you in advance.
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