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Contact form with image upload
I need contact form with image upload, is there such a plugin?
It can be separated, for example 1 plugin with show custom contact forms and 2 plugin that will show a button to upload an image.

Please help Smile

Best regards!!
Hi mate,
If I am not wrong there is no plugin that does this,
but you can take a look at p01-contact plugin...

...and try something really easy such as to use the filed "website" to ask the URL of a image hosted on ImageShack.
Just an idea, really simply to realize.
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D.O. thanks for answer!
There is no such an option to put simple "upload" button on site?
Usually you don't want unauthenticated visitors to upload stuff to your server. So I think that's why this isn't integrated in plugins (at least from what I know).
You don't necessarily need a plug-in in order to do file upload. One thing you can do is create an iframe inside one of your GS pages and from that call a separate file upload program with its own directory for file storage. Here's a link to a very good image upload program which previews the file on the upload.
While I'm not certain how you want to use the images after you upload them, … if there's a will, there is a way!

Hope this helps!

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