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cant loggin to admin
thats strange.
I Cant Login anymore.

If i type in my correct (Tripple checked) password and username the browser just redirects my to.... the login screen.

and if have this URL: doldi/admin/index.php?redirect=/doldi/admin/pages.php

and if i go manually to doldi/admin/pages.php the browser also redirects me to... the login screen.

If i type in a wrong username and or password the system gives me an error message, "username Wrong" or something like that.

Yesterday everything was alright!
I tracked the problem down to this Plugin:


Funny, if i deactivate it maual i can login, than, if i activate it again.... i cant Logout!!! The Browser always stays on the same page.... Damn.

I Still dont know how to fix this.
Well, i cant logout and login... but, if i activate the plugin i can do everything on the Webseite, posting, even Adding Events to this Plugin (And it is showed correctly in the frontend)... the only thing i cant do: is Logging and if i leave the site.... i cant login. This is Crazy!

Well the Plugin is obiviously not compatible to the latest Version of Get_Simple.... did anyone have an idea how i can fix it for my own?
Have you turned debug mode on?
It is most probably a php error causing a headers already sent error causing cookie operations s to fail

This is avoided in the beta version.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix

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