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Cookies Plugin
(2023-02-18, 00:56:13)islander Wrote:
(2023-02-17, 21:11:09)tuxy Wrote: Hi guys,
Installed the Cookies-plugin on my test-website.
The message shows up correctly, but is there a way, if the visitor not click on the ACCEPT button the tracking scripts are disabled/hide, until the visitor clicks on the 'accept' button?

Is there a way implement this in the Cookie plugin or with an if-condition disabled/enabled the scripts in the theme-template.


<?php if (cookie-plugin == ACCEPT) { ?>
<?php } ?>
This plugin is only giving notice of the use of cookies.
It does nothing regarding excepting or not.
It is not a GRPD script.
* as for as i know

Hmm, okay :/

attached Polish translation.
Thanks for your plugin :-)

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