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Newbie having trouble logging in

I had a website set up for me by someone using this system at the back end of last year. The problem now is the password and user name I was given will not allow me to log in. I have tried the forgotten password route and not received anything - i have checked spam folders etc. where do I go next ? . I am unable to contact the guy who set it uop for me but I had gained access previously to the site so I sont think it is anything he did.
I am stumpsd now and mu=y website desperately needs updating after Xmas.Any Suggestions anyone



I am very new. I just downloaded the latest version and installed this locally via WAMP5 on my local machine. After the installation it was trying to email my password to my email address but my local WAMP5 does not have SMTP access so it cannot send out my newly installed password.

Is there a default admin user name & password that i can use to re-install on my local machine so that i can start working on it.

I have a personal website, but this is already LIVE and i don't want to install anything else into it.

Please advise.

Thank You.


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