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changes doenst work
hi people. im testing the great tool to use in a project. but i have som problems.
1) i create new components, and insert and the theme code. but nothing changes. the default component (about) is 'lost'.
i do it:
<div id="sidebar">
<div class="featured">
<?php get_component('teste-1'); ?>
<?php get_component('teste-2'); ?>
<div class="clear"></div>

2) i browse images, and see it in the files, but it doesnt appear in the page. how is the correct way to inset images in a page?
3) how is the best way to create a blog with this CMS? i need to insert some posts in the 'homepage', that as a 'blog' page.

thanks and sorry for my english.
1) the <?php get_component('sidebar'); ?> is what contains your about information. It appears you removed that, which is why the data isn't showing up. Otherwise, the other two components you created should be showing data.

2) When you upload an image to the files tab, either copy the URL when it gives it to you or later, right click on the link to the image and click 'copy image location' or whatever it is for your browser. Then, on a page, click the TinyMCE for inserting the image, and paste the url in there. If it's hosted on your server, the HTML code will turn into something like:
<img src="../data/uploads/ie7-error.JPG" alt="" width="437" height="283" />

3) This CMS was not made to be a blog, was made to convey information. Read the mission statement here For a blog, I would suggest using something such as WordPress
I can't design for shit but I can code the shit out of your design
ok, Derek. thanks the reply. i will test it again. i already use a wordpress. for me, WP is the best of the best. but get simple is really very nice pra 'xuxu'. its cool for small projects, that need more pages than posts.
thanks a lot!
I think I need to make changes to the way images are shown (people need more info given to them like URL, image tag, etc. for it to be totally useful)

I will try and work on something in one of the future releases. In the meantime, everyone should follow Derek's #2 step above here.
- Chris
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