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The classic WordPress twentytwelve theme adapted for GetSimple and uploaded to Extend

Fully responsive for phones and tablets with a collapsing toggle menu button type thing. There are two page templates, an editor.css and an option to use a header image.

All the basic styling of the Wordpress theme has been preserved along with stuff like WP photo captions if you are familiar with them. To use a header image just make a component and name it header_image . In the component write only the url of the image file you wish to use. The alt text will be the site title. If you want different images see the GS Wiki.

To alter the text in the footer make a component and name it 'footer'. Write in the component any text or html you want to see in the footer.

I wasn't able to make the WordPress toggle menu button thing work so I replaced it with another which is almost the same. I have cut and deleted all I dared from the monster WP stylesheet to try to lose all the WP specific stuff but keeping anything I thought might be useful. If you come to edit it there is still some strange WP terminology - For instance the sidebar is given id="secondary" class="widget-area". I left it how it was.

I would really like to go through it and clear all the wordpress classes and complicated stuff, but maybe another day.
That's the WP Pine Cone as a header image. Just write
in a component and name the component 'header_image'.
very nice

I want to do a gs bundle pack with some light themes and popular plugins possibly.

This looks like it should be one of them.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
I was thinking that too. It wouldn't be hard to make say a blogging bundle with GS, News Manager, Commenting and Socials with sample posts all styled and set up and a couple of themes.

Or a celebration bundle for your wedding or party site with gallery, guestbook and contact form

Or corporate bundle

Or a tradesman's bundle,

etc etc.

Am looking at the template code and find the way you chopped the template in different parts (default, header, footer) a bit strange and not easy to read. Is there a reason for that?
For example:

In the I'm not only finding the header, but also doctype, head, etc.

Would (to me) make more sense if you would put the full template structure in the default template file apart from specific sections like header, footer, etc.

Also: The has the following code:
        <img src="<?php get_component('header_image'); ?>" class="header-image" width="100%" height="auto" alt="<?php get_site_name(); ?>" /></a>
Has the </a> a function?
The template is in parts because the wordpress template was in parts the same way. Yes you are right it is pretty pointless. Since I uploaded the theme I have been wishing i had spent the time to totally deconstruct it and rewrite it, displaying the same but with a fraction of the code. But it's time, time, time....

Maybe I will do it yet. And the spare closing tag? yes I should have run it through a validator too.
Well it's ok that it's in parts, but it isn't well structured in my opinion.

Actually when I look at the original Innovation theme, that theme seems to do it roughly the same.

I understand that you don't have the time. I just wanted to express my opinion.
IMHO the way this theme is structured makes perfect sense, as there are 2 templates (template.php and full-width.php) that share the same html code at the beginning and end. So, if you have to do any changes to any of them, you only have to do it in one place.
Ok, yeah you're right. That makes sense.
How do I get rid of the R.H. sidebar?

I'm very new to GS CMS and am looking to build a simple web 'site' on my router (lighttpd server), with basically just a front page with a full width image and text below, and a second page with a gallery. This is to show some of my wife's art-work. I have used 'Joomla' in the past, but it's too heavyweight for the task and won't run on the router.

In the Admin, Pages, click on the page you want full-width, Page Options then Page Template: and choose full-width.php as the template.

let us know how you get on.

i18n gallery is the most popular gallery plugin. imagizer plugin is useful.
Thanks 'Timbow', that did it.

Great support - bodes well for when I hit the steep part of the learning curve and need advice!

Great theme!
I am all new to GS. I normally see screenshots with child menu items. Is this possible with this theme?
Is it possible? Sure!

But how? I don't know. There is stuff in the css for .main-navigation li ul and also .main-navigation li ul ul but I don't know if it will work without some fixing. Also I replaced the mobile toggle menu and I don't know how that would work either.

You know that in GS child menu navigation requires a plugin, normally I18N, which replaces the basic get_navigation ?

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