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Hello GetSimple Community! It's me again Tongue

As I have been working on integrating the Child Menu plugin into my personal little website I am building right now, I tweaked the theme, I have chosen (Black Simple) to display the child menu in a way that, (in my opinion) resembles the look and feel of the original theme very well.

This theme is best used with myCurrent Parent plugin, otherwise the parent of the active child page will not get highlighted, which is distracting and confusing in this particular scenario.

The theme can be found HERE.

Kudos to Tristar Web Design for the original design and Artur Główczyński for porting the theme to GetSimple.
Different templates for hiding the sidebar or the child menu on certain pages + some design changes.
Just uploaded the newest version (1.3.1)!

Changes include some improvements considering the look of the sidebar and lists (ul + ol) in the content area.

Moreover I simplified the theme info section of the footer. Mentioning every single contributor looked to bloaded whereas leaving one out would not have been fair.
This is why I decided not to point to an authors website directly, but to the theme itself on where proper credit is given to all parties involved. If anyone disagrees with my changes feel free to contact me and I am sure, we will find a compromise :-)
I just submitted a new feature (v. 2.0):
The integration of the i18n plugin as an alternative choice for generating the nested menu.

As i18n seemed very versatile and rather popular for the purpose of creating nested navigation I thought that it would be a good idea to integrate it as well.
It will be automatically used if it is installed and active. Otherwise the theme will fall back to Child Menu and thus continue to work as it did before.

I hope this has made the theme more interesting for some of you ;-)



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