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Errors after Update to 3.3.1
Hello All,

i have upgrade my existing installation vom 3.2.3 to the current version 3.3.1 (not "a") and now the pictures i´ve add on the pages are not shown
but the files are existing on the same position than before.

What´s wrong in this case ? Or is it normal that i have to reconfigure the complete page after an update to newer version ?

Hope anyone can help.

best regards,

Can you be more specific about what
"pictures you add on the pages" means ?
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix

i add some pictures inside the page which shown in the old version after update it does not work again.
see error page here:

and on the other page v3.2.3 it works

Please note that the error page shown currently the pics but only than i have the old version online too. At the weekened i look that i deaktiveate the version that you can show the error
Both of your links look exactly the same to me, no errors at all.
Well what does the image paths say when it doesn't work ?
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
as soon as i change the domain name or i upgrade it does not work again.

I do not know why the reference of the pictures looks like "hardcoded" but they are flexible without domain link or i do somthing wrong?

What i have to do to use flexible path to the pictures?

path "url"

Hope you can help.

(2014-02-15, 02:01:49)phpman Wrote: as soon as i change the domain name ...

If you change the domain name, you must also change the URL for each image (if the original URL path will not remain).

If you only update an existing GS installation, without changing the domain name, there should be no problem with the images.
There are some plugins that can do this for you, and much discussion of moving sites in the forums.
but yes unfortunately we currently use static urls
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
is there no posibility to use a path like


instead of


or this there any chance to use an path like this:

href=<?php get_url(); ?>/data/uploads/images/wohnung/wohnzimmer0.jpg

like the version i can use inside the template ? so we do not have the probles of static (url based) paths ?
These are my 2 possible workarounds for this "problem":


(note: any CMS that stores page content as html without special tokens or placeholders also have this "problem" - e.g. WordPress)
Hi Carlos,

thanks for this plugin it solved my problem i think. Now i change the side asap and than i upgrade to v3.3.1a and i hope the problems fixed.

I come back to you and Shawn asap.
Hi Carlos,

now i´ve test this solution and it works but with problems too.

As soon as i have change all linkt to /pagename instead of http://domain.tld/pagename i can not edit this link anymore after i´ve change it.

If i like to edit it i can not see the stored path information forms are blank.
What i can to that get simple show the old stored informations too?

Hope you can help.

What have you used? The script or the FixSiteURL plugin? How did you do it?
You say you cannot edit a link anymore. What link? Where? Why can't you edit it?
What does "stored path information forms" mean?
Sorry but I don't understand.
if i change path from:



it works

but if i like to edit the path of the picture again inside the link of the picture show here (add link)

same path without http:// alternative <other>/data/uploads/images/wohnung/wohnzimmer0.jpg
and if i like to edit this path again the forms are empty.

Hope you understand this now.
I see. It seems you cannot edit a relative (or relative-to-root) link with the wysiwyg editor, it requires a protocol (http:// or other)
I think you'll have to use html source mode for that. Or else use absolute URLs.
There's another plugin that may be useful, Absolute link fixer.
I suggest you make a backup of your site before using this or any of my previously posted workarounds.

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