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News manager modify Range Field Plugin ?
Hello there, i love GS... really Smile
This CMS is amazing, is fast, fully customizable, etc etc
But i think will be perfect a field range plugin, usefull for website like
Real estate, or lo of other buisness...
Something like this:

[Image: aumq.jpg]

How can we do that?
I'm not a developer but i think, maybe we can modify News Manager plugin, adding a search field who search number...
I try to explain, in News Manager you can search words adding the code:
<?php nm_search (); ?>
So if you write a number and theres the same number in an articles, that articles appear in your result page.
So maybe is possible to create a range field who search numbers stored in a variable in the same way...

If we do that, we can use articles AS object (real estate buildings, cars shop etc etc) will be perfect for me...
Only one more thing, in18gallery doesent work in news manager, but maybe we can fix it, or use GsBlog in GsBlog you can choose category and the gallery work... yeah maybe GsBlog is better to do that Tongue

What you think about that?
jquery has native support for this

html 5 also has support for this as input
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
nice, but is possible to use with get simple?

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