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shop in getsimple
i'm was find in internet a shop with one work's in xml files (no data base)

is any posibility to create a some plugin with one will works like a shop ?
i know is a plugin
but it's too simple.. no registration.. no other payments methood.

i think shop with:
- registration users
- mail comfirmation registering
- extra prices
- multiple category
- couple of payments methood
- when create a new products write how much products is available
- comments of products
- star rate product (example 4 of 5 star's)
- pagify of products
- add short description, full description
- image thumb
- gallery for product
- ask of product
- button compare.. two products..
- product highlighted (if yes.. in what time - 1-7 days. 1-12 months..
- newsletter
- choose payment's methood (payu, paupall ...)

i know that's is bigger than i think... and so complicated
but if someone will be can take to write such a great plugin .. the whole community will probably be grateful

ps: please me not to laugh at me for such ideas. is the only creative development proposals for adding plug-ins .. great CMS that is GetSimple.
user plugin: scroll to top

I personally believe many mandatory features for a generic e-commerce website (such as stock management, user registration, etc... ) and many of the features you're looking for just aren't adapted to a CMS that doesn't use a database, which is GetSimple main feature.
The kind of e-commerce plugin that might be useful would be for virtual products (or products not needing online stock management), and an external payment solution (the kind that just receive the total and user information) ; note also that those payment solutions APIs are a real pain, paypal's is purely horrid, that's far from getsimple philosophy (it's in the name !)
In short Getsimple for selling stuff online is good as long as you simply need a payment button and don't have a lot of stuff to sell. You can't beat the oscommerce, prestashop, woocommerce, etc... solutions without a proper database, but you can use a nice getsimple frontend and have a separate e-commerce part in your website, because all those "all in one" solutions are often too heavy.

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