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Redirecting to new slug
I don't know if this is a GetSimple Question.

Say I have a page or . For SEO purposes I decide to change the slug and url to something more descriptive, . Now all my external incoming backlinks which I have been building up all year are broken.

Is there a simple way to redirect from the old slug to the new? without confusing the googlebot?
you would need a 301 redirect in your htaccess.
This would make a pretty neat plugin though
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There's this plugin
but I never managed to get it to work.

I made this simple one
but maybe it's not what you want, as it requires that a page with the old slug exists (and you may not like to keep it in your pages list)
(2014-05-09, 23:00:07)shawn_a Wrote: [...]
This would make a pretty neat plugin though

Progress through my teach-yourself php course is painfully slow. Don't hold your breath.
If you're using NGINX:

# this redirects a deleted page
location /old-slug-now-deleted { rewrite ^ permanent; }

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