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GetSimple Blog
I'm trying to upload thumbnail images (using the Upload Thumbnail button on the Edit Post page), but each time I do so the upload fails. Is this a bug, or am I doing something daft?

Here's the URL:

Also... has anyone else found that if you try to edit a post containing an image, the source code has been corrupted? Mine is full of ""\"\"""

Thanks very much in advance if you can help!
(2014-09-27, 20:22:33)vixrealitum Wrote: I have a problem, GetSimple Blog does not want to work correctly with Multi User. Using GS 3.3.3.
Please help if anyone has a similar problem and found a solution.

I'm having this same problem on GS 3.3.4 - is there a fix that will allow me to keep the most recent version of the "Multi User" plugin?
Links to categories have spaces and capital letters + Polish characters ... How can I change this?
write off anyone?
Thank you for the plugin.

Small problem:

Using DynPages.
Added a component <?php show_blog_recent_posts(); ?>
Created a new page with the content: {% component_name %}
Added the page as a menu item.

I am seeing the blog posts on the page but for some reason the post in under my index page.
Any way of showing the post on a blank page like all the other pages instead of index?

inteq: You can select which page the blog shows on in the blog's settings. DynPages is not required for this.
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Thank you very much for such a fast reply and fix.
I did not see it the first time.
It works just great now.

Is there a way to disable the thumbnail image in the post page? If I put a big image in the post, it shows double and if I don't use a thumnail, a broken image placeholder appears...
Hi all, i'm new of the forum and first i want to say thank you very much for the work that you are doing with GetSimple, it's very easy, beautiful and powerfull!

I just have a little problem with my website and this plugin and i'd like to have help from you guys.

The version are:
Getsimple 3.3.4
mycompany-theme 1.2
Getsimple Blog 3.3.2 (i have the same problem with 3.3.1 also).

First i create one categories and 2 post just for testing, and i check in which page i want to see the blog. My page it's called TEST and when i click there i see my blog, everything it's ok (picture 1).

I wrote a lot of text in the post number one, and when i go to see that post the text dont follow the template. You can see in picture 2 what i mean. Mycompany template have different stylesheet but i can't select the black stylesheet when i click to see the post (read the post without the menu file)

How can i fix that guys?
(2015-01-29, 03:57:13)WarOfDevil Wrote: I wrote a lot of text..

You didn't write a lot of text, you wrote one (very long) word. I think If you would write a text with normal words you wouldn't have that issue.
Yeah it work, i didn't think about that, sorry for the stupid question Sad
does anyone have or know the code to choose a thumbnail from server rather than upload thumbnail to a post ?

and how to disable the thumbnail from full post page but not index , as above post from salvamaine

Hi Roamer,

You can modify where images are sources from by changing the url in the blog's theme layout file.

You can do that by using a simple if condition in the image url to determine if $_GET['post'] is set, displaying the image if false and not displaying it if true. Eg:

if(!isset($_GET['post'])) {
    echo '<img src="'.$path_to_image.$post->thumbnail'" alt="Alternate Text" />

Hope that helps.
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Hi John,

For my live version of GetSimple Blog, when I update a blog post it breaks all the image paths, replacing the html with:

<img alt="\&quot;website" height:="" src="\" style="\&quot;width:" />

My local version works fine. Any suggestions?

btw I tried to visit the page
but this doesn't exist any more.

Thanks, Bobby

I have a problem with spanish dates. The function $this->getSettingsData("lang") in Blog->get_locale_date() returns nothing and the dates are forming in english.

If I put the spanish lang code instead og getSettingsData, it works fine. Any idea why?
How to extract articles from this category?

<? php show_blog_recent_posts (); ?>


<? php show_blog_recent_posts (categoryname); ?>
I'm currently in the process of giving the layout methods a bit of an overhaul which should hopefully solve all the issues people have been having with images. GitHub issues: #55 and #56

This issue may have been fixed in GitHub issue #29 which will be part of the next update, however I will double check.

The function you have shown there is not used for that purpose, rather it is used like this:
* show_blog_recent_posts($excerpt, $excerpt_length, $thumbnail, $readmore)
* Shows a list of recent posts formatted based on arguments given.
* @param $excerpt        (bool)   True: Show excerpt - False: Title only
* @param $excerpt_length (int)    Length of excerpt. Default if not given
* @param $thumbnail      (bool)   If true a thumbnail will be displayed for each post
* @param $read_more      (string) A text string to show for "Read More" link. Not shown if null
* @return string or void

I think you might be more interested in using the following function:

* show_blog_category($category)
* Shows posts from a requested category
* @param $category (string) the category to show posts from
* @return void (void)

This function uses the $Blog->listPosts function from the primary class to get the list of posts. $Blog->listPosts automatically does the date sorting first so the posts listed in the category will also be sorted by date too.
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Update: The function is referencing a setting that no longer exists because the blog was changed so that it would automatically determine language based on the core language. This is actually a bug that I will need to fix so that the language is stored in settings once its determined what the language should be.

You can track this fix with GitHub issue: #57
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I do not know to add new additions. That is why I wrote to you.
It can be easily solved somehow?
Please reply

This code is working.
function show_posty($pp)
    $Blog = new Blog;
    $all_posts = $Blog->listPosts(true, true);
    $count = 0;
    foreach($all_posts as $file)
        $data = getXML($file['filename']);
        if($data->category == 'test')
            show_blog_post($file['filename'], true);

Shows post in category "test".

How to reduce the number of posts displayed to 1?
A new major bugfix update will be released very shortly via extend, version 3.3.2. This will probably be the last update to the plugin before I release it's replacement that's in the works.

So, if anyone has any more bugs to report, please speak up now so that I can get them all sorted ready for the release of this update. You can report your bugs on this forum thread, however I prefer that you report via the GitHub page.

Once this update is released, support for this plugin will be available for up to 1 year from the date of the last update after which I will encourage everyone to convert to the new replacement.

The replacement that's in the works is called SimpleBlog. It will work on the same basic principle, but with an all new code base developed entirely by me. It's also designed so that it can be extensible by other plugins and easy to customise for your website, plus containing only the features needed for a simple, but powerful, blog system, living up to the core basics of GetSimple ("Everything you need, and nothing you don't").
Check out my website:
I'm not sure if this has been said, but apart the spanish language issue (by the way, I tried to aply the patches from github but it didn't work):

1. If you don't upload a thumnail image, the post appears with a broken image
2. If there is no 'posted by' field defined in the post options, the word 'by' appears in the post anways.
3. The same goes for the category field.
An additional fix has been made for the thumbnail issue. This new fix has been tested and does solve the problem.

2 & 3 are just a matter of adding an 'IF' statement to the layout which I shall do in the update.

The language issue has also been fixed.

Thanks for your input.
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Hello everybody,

I'm new here (and also to nginx, php, etc.), so hopefully my question isn't a totally stupid one:
Does GetSimple Blog still include the external comments functionality? I can't seem to find any reference to it in the admin UI. And unfortunately the server hosting the documentation is down at this moment.
(So far I haven't yet created a disqus account, but I suppose that's not the reason I can't find an option to activate disqus commenting.)

Anyway, I quite like GetSimple and am grateful for the Blog plugin! Thanks!

I'm using the most recent versions of GetSimple and GetSimple Blog: 3.3.5 and 3.3.0, respectively. (In fact I downloaded the blog version 3.3.1 but in the UI a version of 3.3.0 is shown.)

I'm currently in the process of making some changes to my websites, including where the documentation for my projects are hosted. That's why the site is down at the moment.

Commenting was removed from the plugin a few versions ago now, so that the plugin would keep in line with the design of GS; "Everything you need, and nothing you don't". This change also allowed website owners to integrate their own choice of comment provider instead of only using Disqus.

To enable commenting on your blog, you will need to go to the Disqus (Or provider of choice) website and get the code to add to the site. You will then need to add that snippet of code to the end (almost) of the layout file. To get the address of the post to pass to the comment provider, simply replace the address with this code:
<?php echo $p['posturl']; ?>

Once you've done that, re-upload the file to your server and away you go.

- Discus:
- Facebook:
- Google+:
- Livefyre:
- IntenseDebate:
- Vicomi:

There are a number of known issue with the currently released version of GS Blog and I would suggest that you wait until the next update is released shortly. The next update also includes a number of changes to the layout system that won't come across unless you manually backup and restore your layout theme.

The layout files are located as follows:
3.0.0 - 3.2.4 : /plugins/gs-blog/inc/frontEndFunctions.php (From line 66)
3.3.0 - 3.3.1 : /plugins/gs-blog/templates/[name].php
3.3.2+ : /plugins/gs-blog/layout-post.php
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