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Disable page with Choose Theme
I often using page with theme components, but for open its I must twice click: Theme -> Edit Components.

When Im tired to do it, I opened admin/theme.php; comment all code and add
Quote:header ("Location: /admin/components.php");

Now Im click on Theme tub and instantly get to Theme Components.

I hope it might help someone.
A better way to do this, without disabling the complete theme page, is to just link the “Theme” tab to the components page. Open /admin/template/include-nav.php and edit line 29:
<li><a class="theme" href="theme.php" accesskey="t" ><?php echo $i18n['TAB_THEME'];?></a></li>
To this:
<li><a class="theme" href="components.php" accesskey="t" ><?php echo $i18n['TAB_THEME'];?></a></li>

I haven’t tested this but it should work.
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