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Component background
This is probably a trivial question, but I'm being driven round the twist...

I've installed GetSimple on a site I'm building for my Scout group ( and I'm very pleased with it. I've made some little changes to the default template, and successfully installed the contact plug-in that provides captcha. So far, so good.

The fly in the ointment is the sidebar component. I've been unable to change the background colour of this. I want it to match the purple colour of my navigation. I've put background:#3B1263; in my style sheet, but still the background remains stubbornly black.

I'm probably missing something simple, but I'd be glad of any pointers.

Thanks in advance.
Hello richardhall;
In you scout.css, you must change the background of #header #nav for the menu and the #sidebar for the sidebar.

If you use Firefox, have a complement: Firebug, that help to make and see the change on fly. After modifies your css.


PD: i see the color #3B1263 in sidebar and menu.
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Thanks! Don't know why I didn't think of clearing the cache.
This is not really related, but I saw you said something about CSS...How can I link my CSS to the pages? Thanks in advance.
How exactly you want to link stylesheet ?
As an external file, embed css rules within html document or stylize certain html tags ?
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Thanks for starting this thread. I hope it will be helpful to many people that are searching for this topic. Keep posting guys and keep this forum a great place to learn things.

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