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Admin Panel Layout
I think that the layout should be changed because the text areas are so small, especially for themes. Maybe a dynamic width like 80% or something so that way you can edit things without having to struggle with trying to find out what line something is on, get fed up, and take it to a editor to edit.

I really like editing things on the page clicking save and being done with it, adding more steps in there just adds to the trouble.

Just a thought though.
random stuff. idk.

I am not a developer. I'm really a longterm newbie. I came across this by accident during a trespassing expedition, but I have to agree with you. Just yesterday, I was doing some editing of a YouTube link of images and text. It drove me crazy because of the length of the lines of text. Couldn't really see anything.

I stopped editing on the admin page and opened up my favorite, web page editor, Kompozer and worked in there instead. But, I would never have considered to pose a question about the workspace on the GS admin edit page.

Just the other day, I asked about adding another save button at the top of the admin pages. That was quickly responded to and implemented. I guess as a newbie, I'm growing up some. Obviously I'm using the tools enough to see how I an better use them. And most important the GS team and users are people who are extremely helpful and want to make GS successful.

I think this is a good idea and I look forward to its implementation as well.



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