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QUESTION Noob question - SMTP/Email
I have latest GS with p01-contact form plugin, where do I input the SMTP settings to send the email? Is there a global within GS?

Sorry if this is noobish I am having a bad day
There is one in gs, not sure if it uses it or not.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Hi All

I have a similar question with p01-contact ..

Where do I define SMTP authentication ? i have a contact form on a website, and i want to send the outgoing email to the hosters outgoing email server ... which requires a login username/password, which is a valid email address and it#s pswd , which I have

I don't see anything in the admin panel for p01-contact (Admin > Plugins > p01-contact )

And I don't see any related doc

What php function does p01-contact use to send the email ?

Does p01-contact support smtp authentication at all ??

... and if not does anyone know a contact form plugin that does ?

can anyone help ?

Cheers Aldebaran

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