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local link, how to?
Hi guys,

Its probably a stupid question but I can't figure out how to create a local link? I know with the page editor you can easily do it but how do you create them in without having to input the whole url string?

thanks in advance.[/align]
1.Use the editor.
2.Write it: <a href="link.html">Link name</a>
3.Create a Component. Add content to it and display the component in any page with {% component_name %} (needs additional plugin DynPages)

These are the only three methods I can think of...or I did not understood your question.
thank you good sir!
It might be not entirely what you want, but maybe still useful:

If you tag your pages wit a specific tag, you can display the result with I18n Search plugin:

(% searchresults tags=tagname HEADER: %)

You get a link to the page with that tag.

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