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I18N Link Manager
This topic is about the GetSimple I18N Link Manager plugin, an easy to use plugin allowing you to manage a list of links (or blogroll if you want) on your website. It's based on code of roog with adding multilaguage support. Comments, bugs and feature requests can be posted here.


Download the latest version here, unzip the downloaded file and copy its contents to your plugins folder. To show links on your website, you have 2 options. You can add a placeholder to a page of your choice:

(% links %)

or, you can insert the following code into your theme template:

<?php lm_list_links(); ?>

For example, if you use the vanilla GS Innovation theme, you could add:

<div class="section">
  <?php lm_list_links(); ?>

somewhere between the <aside></aside> tags in the file sidebar.php to show the links in the sidebar section of your site.


Once you've followed the directions described above, You can access the plugin via the Link Manager submenu under the Plugins tab. Click on the Add Link button to start adding new links, change the order of the links by drag & drop.
plugin is not activated
(2014-10-21, 16:05:15)Oleg06 Wrote: plugin is not activated

Which problem occured? May be I18N Link Manager and Link Manager are installed both? Must be installed only one of them.
Same problem here, when activate just get an error at the top of the plugins page and when clicking the Plugin tab to reload it get a blank page, deleting the file and folder from the plugins folder solved the problem
Updated (BUGFIX) version 2.1 available for download.
Thanks to all for response.
on line 24 File edit_link.php small error LM_PLUGIN.'r/NAME
it would be nice to add the ability to disable target="_blank" and rel="nofollow" and add classes to tags LI
New version 2.2 available.

NEW - Category Added
BUGFIX - Save order
(2014-10-24, 02:55:04)Oleg06 Wrote: it would be nice to add the ability to disable target="_blank" and rel="nofollow" and add classes to tags LI

In the next version these options will be available for change.
Just for info:

There's also this plugin:
It is a rewrite, but original it was also based on the code from Roog.

Maybe it has ideas you can use.
hi there,
i like your plugin very much and so i chose it for my bootstrap getsimple website.
since i have a long list of links, i chose to use the bootstrap accordion which. by applying this, i hoped to show only the category titles first and on click show the link list belonging to the respective category.

the only trouble is that my accordion is not collapsed at first - all links show in a veeeery long list. i am able to toggle all categories, but this is just the wrong way 'round. does anybody have a clue what i could do to make the accordion work the correct way?

this is the customized code snippet from the functions.php:

PHP Code:
if (!empty($links)) {
   foreach ($links as $id=>$link) {
     $c catIdx($link['cid']);
     if ($cid !== $c) {
       $cid $c;
       $html .= "</ul>


<div class=\"panel panel-default\">
    <div class=\"panel-heading\" role=\"tab\" id=\"überschrift" 
$cats[$cid]['name'] . "\">
      <h2 class=\"panel-title\">
        <a role=\"button\" data-toggle=\"collapse\" data-parent=\"#accordion\" href=\"#collapse" 
$cats[$cid]['name'] . "\" aria-expanded=\"true\" aria-controls\"collapse" $cats[$cid]['name'] . "\">
. (empty($cats[$cid][$n]) ? $cats[$cid]['name'] : $cats[$cid][$n]) . "
    <div id=\"collapse" 
$cats[$cid]['name'] . "\" class=\"panel-collapse collapse in\" role=\"tabpanel\" aria-labelledby=\"überschrift" $cats[$cid]['name'] . "\">
        <div class=\"panel-body\">"
     $html .= "<li><a href=\"${link['url']}\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"nofollow\">" . (empty($link[$n]) ? $link['name'] : $link[$n]) ."</a>";
     if (!empty($link[$d]) || !empty($link['description'])) {
       $html .= ' &nbsp;&mdash;&nbsp; ' . (empty($link[$d]) ? $link['description'] : $link[$d]);
     $html .= "</li>";
   $html "<div class=\"panel-group\" id=\"accordion\" role=\"tablist\" aria-multiselectable=\"true\">" $html "</div>
 return $html;

i am curious what you will advice me - thanks in advance!
the collapse in class means it will be showing instead of hiding the content by default
oh thank you so much - THAT was it!
Big Grin
Category sorting not working
(2016-04-15, 01:24:32)Oleg06 Wrote: Category sorting not working

Works for me. Just tested.

Although I don't see why people would use this instead of Links Manager, which has more functionality.
sorry first tested on LiteSpeed, on the Apache server is running Smile
Please, fix javascript loading:
Line 421: /link_manager/ to /i18n_link_manager/
and move jquery.validate.min.js (from link to local) /template/js/

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