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QUESTION navigation questions
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but...

How can I get my I18N-navigation to look and work like this one test. Individual icons for each of the top-level buttons, and showing which page the viewer is on by changing the color. Also I need it to become sticky like in my example.

I created the test nav with a little program called CSS3 Menu maker, and the sticky was done with CSS and a javascript, I have tried using the same css and javascript on my new GS site but noting seems to work.

Any help?
Use a custom component in the function call, should be explained on the documentation page, and in the plugin thread.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
(2014-10-24, 00:48:54)Megajax Wrote: Individual icons for each of the top-level buttons...

I may have read this wrong, but judging from the link, sounds like you are having the same problem as I had myself with assigning icons. I made a rough edit to how the navigation menu is populated by checking for a uploaded image with the same name as the url slug and then adding an img element to the list element. Far from perfect or recommended, especially considering many of your menu links do not have a icon; but if you can't think of anything else, it's there for you to use.
Thanks guys, I am a noobe when it comes to php so don't really understand it. I am trying you code Kevin, have set the path to my images folder and renamed all icons to match the pages they represent but not getting any changes showing on my menu, is there anything else I need to change in the code?
You can always place those icons as a css image backgrounds for menu elements.
It's a lot faster and easier, and this way you won't get headaches with php Wink

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