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I18N - Menu problem

Each pages are followed by the '_fr' (index_fr, press_fr, contact_fr) or '_ru' (index_ru, press_ru, contact_ru) and the default english not (index, press, contact).

I use I18N to display my website in three languages. I can change language by clicking on a flag.

When I click on the flag the current page content and menu items change to this language. This is ok.

The menu items also change to the selected language by using this perfect code given by Oleg06 :
<?php get_i18n_navigation(return_page_slug(),0,99, I18N_SHOW_LANGUAGE); ?>
This is ok.

The problem is :
Consider I am now in russian (index_ru) page. If I click to another menu item (by example 'Press' in russian (press_ru)) it will display the press but not in russian. It display it in english.

It means the menu items change to selected language but the link behind it does not go to the concerned language. It stay to the id without the '_fr' or '_ru'.

How could I solve it ?

Sincerely thanks.

P.S. : I use the Inception theme and followed this recommendation (given on the I18N mvlcek website) :
"in your template(s) replace get_navigation(return_page_slug()) with get_i18n_navigation(return_page_slug()) and get_component(id) with get_i18n_component(id) and get_header() with get_i18n_header()."

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