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Made a site with Boostrap

I did this site for a Chiropractor. It uses the Revolution slider. I just pasted the slider code on a page that is being pulled into the hompage. That way they can just edit the slider page in the editor to change the text. The only problem is if he hits the return key the text will lose its styling for that next line. But over all I learned a lot!
wonderful site, I also began to study bootstrapSmile
(2015-01-16, 19:14:50)Oleg06 Wrote: wonderful site, I also began to study bootstrapSmile

Thanks. Bootstrap has a learning curve but keep with it cause it will pay off!
I like very much this website, it is really great!
I think I'm going to study bootsrap too Smile .
Nice website. I just think the (round) shadow under the top-menu looks a bit crappy.
yeah something amiss with that drop shadow, also the header clips the logo when it animates on chrome.

nice use of bootstrap
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Looks weird and messet in my firefox 3.6 Big Grin.. but looks ok in samsung tab.

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