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Customize the default theme?
Where could I find out how to customize the default theme? Is there a plug-in or a different theme that makes these settings visible to neophytes:
- sidebar location: left
- main column: Fill browser window
- font: Arial
- Header: add graphic, use mixed case

Unfortunately I am new to PHP and CSS. I looked at the "Edit theme components" page, but most was over my head. I saw some font settings, though, but in multiple places.

update: I figured out most of the changes -- switched float left with right and vv. Still working on the flexible column width.
You need knowledge of html and css to edit themes. Php is not needed. In the wiki you can find info on the (php) template tags used. Basicly a theme consists of html and css code with php template tags in them to trigger the dynamic content.
True. I have a rough idea of CSS, and I was able to figure out which CSS entries affected which tags. Now I just need to do the column widths.

update: This page told me what I needed.
you should check out some of the framework themes, they are still code, but they might be easier to modify, say the bootstrap ones etc.
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In your browser you can (usually) press F12 and then you can check what code is affecting a certain part of your theme.

If you go for a framework I would start with a light one like Skelleton or Knacss
I'm happy with Innovation now. Fonts Arial, sidebar left, etc. I decided to expand the width to suit a 1024 display. On a 2550x1440 display, the browser window can be adjusted easily using Ctrl-+/-. That scales the whole GS layout including the column widths.
(2015-02-17, 04:01:31)kaborka Wrote: I'm happy with Innovation now.
There's also a responsive version of Innovation, maybe a better starting point.

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