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My first site is up - very basic using the Mobi theme.

I actually have two ways of presenting this information and this is a copy of what is running on my laptop - the original netbook the Asus Surf 701 from 2008 running a LAMP stack on the 4 GB hard drive using Bodhi Linux. And of course with GetSimple.

I teach English and Powerpoint is so limiting as there is only a certain number of words you can cram on the slide. I could give printed handouts but I teach over 200 students a day and have no photocopying budget, Besides who wants to carry a ream of paper to hand out every day? Logistics in a class size of nearly 60 is a real problem.

My students also have problems reading the board - short sight is not uncommon. Many of them take a picture of the screen with their mobile phones and then zoom it up. Every one seems to carry a smart phone, so why not use them?

The netbook has not been used for a while so take it to class, pair it with a USB powered router and I will have the site running without having to connect to the internet - which can be slow around here. Copy up the data folder and I can keep the two sites in sync. Students use the wifi and connect to the laptop webserver using a 192.168.1 fixed IP address in class, then can save the file or access the internet site.

All on for tomorrow then. Any suggestions or comments welcome.
Ok. Upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 3 running a LAMP server. Splashed out on a decent router and I can broadcast my webpage to 70 kids who all use smartphones. Really like the Mobi theme as it is so simple and clean on a tiny screen. We don't need no computer rooms! We don't need no internet!
Looking a bit further at interactive pages with a short quiz, perhaps even a LMS such as Chamilo. Any suggestions on presenting a marked quiz to students? Perhaps a simple PHP form but not keen on coding it myself.
It's not working. - webmaster, graphic designer, translator.
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