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Setup CKEditor contentEditable and Navigation plugin help
Setup CKEditor contenteditable and Navigation plugin help

I need some help gentleman,

First one is about CKEditor:
  • I have a complicated html5 layout with a lot of classes.

  • I have to prevent website user to delete / remove formatting while adding / editing the page.

  • I have tried GS335 with CKE4.3.2 some tweaks ( with in config.js / plugin.js) and then adding 'contenteditable='true/false' in the content but it's not working.

So I'm looking for soem help about the next;

  • how to setup GS / CKE for ADMIN account as 'advanced' and in the case of CKE4.* without 'autoComplete' (what a mess is this plugin..)

  • how to setup GS / CKE for User account as 'basic' and in the case of CKE4.* with a possibility to protect some content on the page ('contenteditable='true/false' ) and also without 'autoComplete'.

    As I can remember from some years before there was a 'MultiUser' plugin, is this an option?

And the second question is about the right Plugin(s) for hte next;

  • I need a suitable plugin to print the Sub categories as a List with links to pages.
    Sub categories are away from the Main Navigation so I can not use drop down option.

  • All Sub-categories are with just one page.

Which plugin can I use for this construction to make it work?

Thank you,


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