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GetSimple in french
Do you authorize me to create a which would be the translation in French of your site and a part of your forum?

Best regards
I don’t think Chris has a problem with you creating

If you are going through with this please make sure you have time to update the site. There is a Russian page over at and this is a textbook example of a failed translation project. Everything has gotten translated and a forum has been put in place but the website is still an older GetSimple version than the one we work with and, though I haven’t taken the time to browse their Russian forum, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re missing out on the beta as well.

The problem with putting up a translation is that the core developers will always be at this forum and the latest version of the system will be on this site. So if you don’t have time to keep an eye on us and keep translating news I’d urge you not to create a localised website. If you have time to do updates and translations, yes, please spread the word.
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My project is very simple, I want only translate the page's :

* Home
* About
* Download
* Documentation

maybe to propose one packages of get-simple with the French file in the zip.

If the French-speaking users want a forum in French, we shall ask to be accommodated on this one. In brief, my idea is to make a simple french version to this site and no a "independant" site.

Best regards

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