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QUESTION Brandi - Onepage Business Template
First i want to say hello to everyone because it's my first post on this forum and i want to apologise for my english because it's not too good Smile But i hope you understand me Smile

Ok so...
I try to adopt/make the Free HTML5 & CSS3 Templates site Brandi (oryginal file on: to GetSimple CMS. This is my firs theme but when i finish i want to publish this work on GetSimple site for everyone.

I have first problem.
What i do? I edit files on another themes Inception (i would say thank you Oleg Svetlov - Oleg06 because this theme is awesome). I cut the index.html to footer.php, and template.php. I add the include header (<?php get_header(); ?>) and footer (<?php get_footer(); ?>) on this files like on this topic ( but my site doesn't work. It is blank and view-source is empty. Why? What i do wrong?

My files you can download on this link :
I will be grateful for your help.
Check out this wiki article. A lot is missing in your theme :

PHP Code:
$innov_settings Innovation_Settings(); 
Welcome Hosti. We are a very international forum so don't worry about your English. 

You have chosen a complicated template to start work on. I am sure it can be done but may not be easy. I would always start with the existing index.htm and use that as template.php. You don't have to break up the template file into parts. do it only if it is convenient.  You will want to read the relevant wiki pages for making themes and also you will want to find Carlos's one-page navigation code for scrolling single-page sites.

Maybe this theme would be useful to you:
enable debug and correct these errors
in your theme, such as a missing file functions.php with
function Innovation_Settings()
I would recommend to take the example of the theme of Innovation
I agree with guys above on complexity of Innovation.

It is better to use the Cardinal theme as a boilerplate.
You try to edit another theme ( Inception ), to look like the Brandi template (some Bootstrap 3 theme), instead of just converting that template directly?

I wrote a PM to you. Wink - webmaster, graphic designer, translator.
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