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News Manager 3.7 beta
- What code did not work?

- These new functions are not meant to be used directly in GS templates (e.g. in the sidebar), at this moment.
But I intend to add support for that (something like "the loop" in WP). In the meantime the alternative is using NM Addons.

Suggestions welcome.
Sorry, Carlos, I forgot about news manager addons. Smile Everything is working.
News Manager 3.7 beta 2 - Download

Added translation helper functions nm_e() and nm_r() so that you can have internationalized strings in your custom post layout.
Updated documentation and layout examples:
There is an image in the image folder, and the selection window is empty.

The components work fine.
By your screenshots I see you're testing with GS 3.4 alpha. That's an issue not with this NM beta, but also with previous NM versions. With GS 3.3.x it should work fine, as I haven't done any changes on the imagebrowser.

Anyway thanks for reporting, I'll check that.
In the previous version of the plugin image was visible.
NM 3.6? Or the first NM 3.7 beta?
If you don't mind, please check again with that previous version that worked for you.
It's an issue in GS 3.4 alpha. If you switch your user language to English, it works.
(By the way, it happens the same with I18N Custom Fields' imagebrowser)
I'll tell Shawn.
that's right, I switched the language in the plugin I18n Smile
Hello, Carlos, now there are many frameworks, each of which in its own way represents pagination, for example:
I'm not a programmer and I do not know how you can set changes to tags and classes for navigating through pages.
The image browser (NM, I18N Custom Fields, ...) is working again on the latest GS 3.4 alpha.
For UIkit, since NM 3.1 you can use custom settings:

markupNav ul
classNav "uk-pagination uk-flex-center"
markupNavItem li
classNavItemDisabled "uk-disabled"
classNavItemCurrent "uk-active"

...however you cannot currently add attributes uk-pagination-previous, uk-pagination-next to Previous, Next items.

As you know, you can also do something like that for Bootstrap 3 (except for the aria-label attribute)

But in BS4 I see there are new classes .page-item, .page-link - These cannot currently be added: I would have to add support with a couple new custom settings (perhaps classNavItem, classNavLink)

Still, you cannot add attributes like tabindex="-1" or other recommended additional markup...

So either I add more custom settings, or perhaps allow generating the pagenav in a different, more flexible way. Ideally it would be with some template tags, like I've made for post rendering in 3.7 beta, but I think it would not be very intuitive, it would have a lot of conditionals... I have to think about it.
Carlos, it will not be difficult for me to simply apply the CSS properties to the paginator by default. Smile
Yeah it's not difficult, I even did it myself here (uses BlueSky theme)
but I like to be able to use <ul><li>... instead of <div><span>... and customize the pagenav for css frameworks.

Also, I have in mind allowing themes to define their own custom settings so that you don't have to enter them in NM settings.

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