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SOLVED Failed installation / Parse error
EDIT: I solved the problem. The PHP-version at the webhost was set to 4.4 by default and I changed it to 5.6

I'm new to GS and I never set up a CMS before. I don't know much about servers or php.
I followed the instructions on the installation page ( I'm using a web server. I got to point 6. When I call the subfolder I uploaded GS to (or the admin subfolder in that) in a browser, I get a page that just says:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '&', expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /my path and subfolder here/admin/inc/common.php on line 65

I don't understand the the text in point 6 saying:
If you are using a custom gsadmin folder as setup in gsconfig, adjust this accordingly and remember to rename your admin folder for upgrades.
But I did understand everything until that and I'm pretty sure I have followed the instructions as supposed to.

I hope someone can help me solve this.
PHP version in your server? (GetSimple requires 5.2 or higher)
(2015-06-07, 08:41:54)Carlos Wrote: PHP version in your server? (GetSimple requires 5.2 or higher)

I just found out 10 minutes ago and changed it and that worked. Sorry to waste your time - but thanks anyway Smile
4.4 (see first post)

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