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My Impressions
Hi satman,

Please refer to the plugin support forum for questions about a particular plugin. You should know that any code between <?php ... ?> tags is to be written in the template.php file (or specific template, eg blog.php, in your theme folder). Googling "code echo" would have shown you it was PHP. In GetSimple, code that is processed on the page takes the form of shortcodes (just like in Wordpress, but here the syntax is (% code %) or {% code %}.

You might be more interested in a full blog solution though, which manage these things automatically. For this, have a look at NewsManager (updated), GS Blog, or I18N search. IMO News Manager provides a very nice interface for that with not too many but just enough options (Install, activate in plugins tab, then go to Pages Tab and choose 'News Manager' in the sidebar).
GS Blog = exactly the same instructions, but 'Blog Manager' instead of 'News Manager'; provides many more options (so if you need something real simple, NewsManager might be easier)

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