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My Impressions
(2015-06-14, 23:31:08)shawn_a Wrote: If you plan on using a cms as a blog or news site then you would have the best luck using one of the blog or news manager plugins. Getsimple is not a blog platform.

I believe news manager by carlos has native support for this.

Hi shawn_a,

Main intention i s to run a small and simple web site without database, and I think the GetSimple is the best solution. It is really as simple as it can can be.
Of course, if you want to be small and simple, you cannot have everything. Here, the plugins step in.

I'm just frustrated with the way they are described on the web.
I have some experience with other cms systems, php, html and lot of other stuff, but the plugin "how to" is written for the people that already knows what, where, when and how.
Is it so hard to set up a small example for the rest of us who would also like to tu set up a small web with few extended features, and do not have all the knowledge about specific cms.

For example, it was easier for me to include the "shadowbox" for my image gallery than to use any of available plugins....

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion


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