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Group by priority menu
Hi friends! I've found useful, for a project of mine, to write a plugin which allows to group menu items by specifing priority intervals. My first concept was to separate primary links from secondary links (think of drupal...) and then to place different menus in different areas of the page. Here's an example of use:
<?php gbp_menu(return_page_slug(),1,3); ?>
This will show the first three menu items (sorted by priority). If you use the same function in another place (within the template) with different interval values...:-) Check it out!
I got it ........ translation of Google
Great addition, luke. Gives us lots of layout possibilities.
Hi, I try to use this with GetSimple 3 but nothing display.
I'm not english and I'm not sute about the way of using it.
Coulc you tell us more may be with an exemple.


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