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GS Plugin Installer
(2016-12-18, 20:55:59)phpman Wrote: is this plugin still under development or project closed ?

It is not in active development anymore, however it should still work unless there was some breaking changes in new versions of GetSimple or the plugin API.
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It works, last time i checked
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Works perfectly fine, thank you very much, this helps a lot!
Dear all,

I'm bumping this forum topic to announce the release of Plugin Installer 1.5 that you can download from

It has been available for a year, but due to problems with uploading packages it is not available in the "Addons" section of the GetSimple website.

The 1.5 release contains (amongst others) the following updates:

- Fixes to missing translations
- Fixes to styling conflicts with GetSimple
- Better (markdown-parsed) display of plugin descriptions in a modal
- A PHP config variable where you can specify cache refresh interval & file location

As an extra you can also download the 1.5 snapshot from the attachment in this post.

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