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SVK website(s)

still in development, as I hardly finished the website and new version of framework was released, so need to port it now (and there are still some parts of page that are in development - waiting for data from client, some FAQ and Hardware, all based on Special Pages).

EDIT: this website was discontinued in April 2017 due to unfairness of partners, but screenshot can be found here (click for full resolution):

[Image: revotechnik-sk_rev3.jpg]
fajne Smile pekne vidiet GS stranku zo slovenska Smile

Nice to see GS site from Slovakia Smile

Just one note - "the hamburger menu" icon in mobile / small windows is floating - witihout backgound - transparent. Is it intentional?
thanks Smile

yes, it should remain on the same position all the time, I wanted it to move up to a "bar" with logo, but they refused it
it's okay, but maybe some background would be nice... i suppose Smile
another finished and still in development ...

let me know your thoughts, template is not fully my work, but still had a lot of work with it.
I love SASS ! Big Grin
great responsive layout and without using frameworks
actually, it uses which is built on SASS and divided into components, so you can easily disable thing you don't need + extend where you want. first website is built from scratch on baseline theme and I still use baseline if I can't find theme that fits my idea Smile
and another one, this one was done nearly a year ago, but couldn't be published because of legal reasons in the country, so finally online, there is still lot of work - mainly FAQ (move from i18n to different solution, as it's "hard to manage"), some responsiveness tweaking and the most important > eshop plugin full rewrite
after some time, another 2 additions: (i18n, i18n special pages, i18n search, item manager, multi user, httpbl, simplethumbs) (i18n, news manager, links manager, multi user, httpbl)
another website, still have some problems with it .. but only minor things like sitemap, canonical url etc. due to custom plugin.. this time, I tried to use a different CSS framework, so it's built on (MultiUser, I18N Custom Fields, Display Error, my own Chiptuning catalog plugin, my own Slider plugin)
site is down and not working

Hi Morvy,

I tested and your site is responsive on all screen sizes.
Nice work.
@elmak which site? you know, it's been a while since I finished them ..

@Felix thanks, it's the advantage of using good framework (UIKit 3.0 used here)

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