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nSys News System plug-in
yojoe Wrote:instead of using a string variable, just echo the string. You don't make any calculations, just prints text data.
And btw, if you use functions or variables inside strings, use " instead of '

btw. I have no idea what is an allowtransparency tag

edit: weird, my reply has been cut of in half :\
Thank's but i get this error.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpget_page_url() in /srv/http/cos/plugins/nSys/include/functions/classes.php on line 700
i don't what is it too but it's just copy from FB.
hmmm... now I realized what I have missed.
If you want to extract page url to use inside your function (for example connect it with another string), use $SITEURL, because get_page_url() won't work.
It took me some time to find it out Wink

Anyway, I wouldn't even create a function sitting in another file to echo a string or variable, and just paste the
echo "content";
inside template.
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Hi bosniamaj,
thank you for your work. I'd like to try it, but everytime I copy the files in the plugins dir on my server, my website goes blank! Completely! I just get a white page... I didn't even managed to modify the template to include the plugin's call, so it is really strange... If I delete the nsys.php and nsys dir, everything works again.

Any clue?

EDIT: I just found this misbehavour happens for every new plugin I copy in the plugins directory... I know this is not the correct place to ask, but does anybody have some hint?
Enable debug mode, that way you won’t get a white page but actual PHP errors for us to look at.
“Don’t forget the important ˚ (not °) on the a,” says the Unicode lover.
Help us test a key change for the core! ¶ Problems with GetSimple? Be sure to enable debug mode!
Thank you! I managed to find a solution: I was using gs 2.0. I upgraded to 2.01 and everything seems to work no. Well, to a certain extent... In fact, after having copied the nsys.php and nsys folder to my site, I've never seen the plugin setup screen where I should choose the language and users. I don't have the option to create and administer users, nor the language upload form... I tried to reinstall, but didn't worked.

As a side note, since I was using another news manager, and had already setup a lot of news on the site, I would like to know if there is a way to change the date of the news... I already set 'em up in nSys, but they all have the same date , of course!
Why when I click on [Read more] or comment link i see blank page?
everything seems to be well installed... so where is problem??

test site:
Hi I'm getting an " error writing to file" message when I try to add/edit news or category. What causes this?
Is it possible to hide the date, author, Comments etc from the display of the news item? If so, where?
how to attach the class to the link to the archive
Was anyone successful with running nsys 2.0 on GS 2.03 or 2.04B ?
Generated links to whole news content point to non existing pages.
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When I install this plugin, I get this message and filling the fields also doesn't make a difference.
andyash Wrote:When I install this plugin, I get this message and filling the fields also doesn't make a difference.

I think I too have this problem. I think version 3.0 is not compatible with

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