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mysql database
Will get simple also provide facility to use it on mysql database too?
my oprinion:

GetSimple is a CMS system  without using a database and there is the problem with php coding and CKEditor
(php code is commented out like so: <?php == <!-- ?php and ?> == ? --> and the use of a database is a bit complicated.

BUT you may use php code and MySQL with the script injector plugin (
coding a connection to a database and other php / MySQL database "features".

There is a lot of additional coding  to do, that GetSimpe will turn to GetMorComlicated, so why using MySQL...???

Various plugins (like e.g. gives you the oppertunity to create extraordinary websites in a short time.

Nevertheless, the GetSimple CMS gives your users the possibility to create their own contents, pictures, etc. by themselves, which makes websites a bit more attractive and website creators can do more sites in short time...
Thats all "volks"
no this is a flat file cms.
at some point in the future you will be able to abstract where data is stored however you want, but file based is the primary goal of this cms...
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