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QUESTION I18N auto update fields in <li>

I love the special pages and custom fields plugins. Makes a lot of sense.

However, I'm stuck and I'm not familiar with PHP.

So allow me to start with a question, but let me explain my site layout first.

I am building a site for a friend of mine who owns a restaurant in my town.

There's no need for a blog. I think natural search results and paid advertising should be fine (at least for a start).

The site is built on the UIKIT CSS framework, which allows for boxing content in <li>'s.

Is it possible to set up the front page, or any landing page for a main menu item (for instance, a top level landing page would be burgers, with cheeseburgers and chicken burger sub- to that) to show any new sub-page in an <li>, when added to the site?

In other words, can the system be set up to add a new "product" (in this case, a food item), which auto updated in the right category?

A screenshot of the front page is attached. (The site is still on localhost.)

You'll notice that there are boxes at the top which show the food categories. Below that is an image and text, followed by a footer. This all remains static.

The landing pages are the same. Logo, nav, footer and main content all static, with boxes featuring children (these may be sub-landing pages or direct children). Would be great to go into the back office, click on something like "new food item", choose the appropriate parent and post information.

Your help is appreciated to the point that I'll buy you a coffee if ever you come my way. (You should. Jeffreys Bay offers great surfing and good fishing  Wink)

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Of course it's possible.

As I understood you're using i18n Special pages, so that shouldn't be any harder than using I18n_search on the landing pages, and the only thing your friend has to do is add the appropriate tag in the page's keywords when (s)he creates a new page.

In the I18n Special pages config (Plugins > Configure I18n Special pages > 'your_special_page' > tab 'search'),
include the HTML and PHP you want to show for each entry (within a li tag in your case), and you're done. Smile

(NB: Great CSS framework choice, & I take your word for the coffee, seriously!)
Hi Tyblitz,

Thanks for your reply!

(I have no idea what you said, but I'll try to figure things out ;-))

And I owe you a coffee! Let me know when you're in jbay. My contact details can be found at

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