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problems installing
problem in the picture.

where to look?

PHP Version 5.2.13
Apache 2.0 Handler
cURL support enabled
GD Support enabled
SimpleXML Revision $Revision: 293036 $
Seems like a problem with the language file. Same as I just answered over here:
Zegnåt Wrote:Do you have the right language file? Is your HTACCESS-file correct? Does it show any errors when in debug mode?
“Don’t forget the important ˚ (not °) on the a,” says the Unicode lover.
Help us test a key change for the core! ¶ Problems with GetSimple? Be sure to enable debug mode!
hi! bingo!
I resolved my problem
I do not know if it helps others

1. I raped Support, that would work to translate the php in php-cgi mode. (unaccountably)

2. There was a problem with the rights - in .htaccess change

RewriteBase /
RewriteBase /home/httpd/vhosts/

this path i get in phpinfo()
Apache Environment -> DOCUMENT_ROOT

thanks all, sorry for engish )

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