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Wow CSS Framework
This is another starter theme. A recently released boilerplate template for building sites on, the homepage is
My demo site is
Uploaded to Extend here:

The good thing about this template is it includes a second level of nav by drop-down and a mobile js hamburger menu all working and ready to use. The actual CSS is pretty minimal, normalize, a cut-down version of the bootstrap grid, a googlefont and fontawesome and unaccountably a large collection of coloured buttons. 

There is a normal page and sidebar template and a full-width template. They are both ready for I18N navigation and the custom title plugin, so you just upload the plugin files, activate, and they work - no need to edit the templates.

I like it for a good simple start.
Looks cool, but I think that paragraphs on mobile version should have a little margin-left. - webmaster, graphic designer, translator.
For any job offers contact me via
You are totally right, but I left the css as i found it, and in fact that means there is virtually no typography style declarations other than the normalize resets.
v1.1 uploaded

The only change is I removed 
<meta name="description"....
from the template <head> section.
GS generates a description metatag (if you fill in the box) so the site had two and was failing validation.
Hi there and greetings from Germany. I love this responsive theme and use it for my page on But i have a massive problem with the navigation on mobile phones, couse my Navigation-List is too big to fit in the screen. This would be no reason to write here, but i couldn´t scroll the nav on mobile phones. If i tried, only the content moves but the nav stands still.

Now i did a full workaround in the theme.css:

this is what i changed:
@media (max-width: 992px){
    .js .nav-collapse {
        width: 300px;
        height: 350px;
        float: right;
        overflow: auto;

But now the Nav is only 350 in height. If i try 100% the scroll doesn´t work anymore, even if i try overflow:scroll

Sorry but i´m not good at programming. I always try to google all the phrases in CSS and change them so i can see on the page whats happening. So step by step im doing my pages. Hope you pro´s can give me some tipps how to make the scrollbar fits in every screen on mobile phones.

i also changed the banner by the way. On small screens on mobile phones the logobanner doesnt scroll, so on many phones, exspacially in horizontal view, theres no way to see the content. so i decided to built a new banner in css and include it in the main frame, so it can be scrolled. Not fine but at the times it works for me.

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