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Rebuild Index and Sitemap after editing files directly
I started using GetSimple today, with the intention of maintaining a documentation site. The pages themselves are extremely formulaic - every widget we support has more or less the same install process, with some minor differences, so my intention is to script the generation of the actual XML page files myself.

I then found out that it wouldn't work unless the pages.xml was also updated, so I put this together:

PHP Code:
 * After modifying the data/pages directory, the sitemap and index needs to be rebuilt
 * php rebuild-index.php

require_once 'admin/inc/common.php';

// Rebuild the pages.xml file

// Rebuild the sitemap.xml file

That can be run from the commandline (php rebuild-index.php) - it includes the necessary stuff for the functions to run, and from what I can tell, it works just fine.
common includes all these
You can also just delete the pages.xml file and hit the site
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