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Donations patreon paid support etc
I haven't had time to put proper thoughts together, but I have been thinking about this since the original post.

I do think that more pressure should be put on those of us who profit from using GS in commercial projects. It isn't unreasonable to expect a donation when a commercial site goes live – but who gets the donation? I have previously sent donations to individuals, where I have used their plugins and it would have been difficult to make the site work without them (you can probably guess at least one or two of them). The advantage here is that those who are earning from it are directly supporting it.

Although it hasn't been specifically mentioned, I would hate to see GS becoming a two-tier CMS, so any extra level of support should be just that – something extra to what's provided here. Way back when I was looking for a CMS to standardise on for my applications, it was extremely annoying to be able to install the basic software, but be stuck with paying to try some of the features that I might need.

I can't see that ads are going to be viable in the future, so I agree with that.

Sponsored hosting may not be a bad idea, provided the sponsor doesn't expect any hands-on admin access. =O

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