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PROBLEM Can't modify, update pages on new installation (all 755)
Hi all,

Just installed the latest version of GetSimple (3.3.9).
I run other sites using GS and have had no problems (they use the same host, but slightly older versions).

The Health Check after a new install on this new domain is all clean except:

GetSimple Version    3.3.9
Upgrade Check Failed !

I've checked all the file permission are 755.
I installed the wow-css-framework theme (but the problem exists with the default themes also).


Any page update I make, after clicking save I am kicked out of the admin section to the root domain and the save isn't executed (i.e. the page isn't modified).

The structure of the site is HTML at the root and then getsimple is situated in a directory called "review", see here:

Under settings:
Website URL =
Use Fancy URLs = Unticked (so far)

No 3rd party modules added.

Any and all help much appreciated - I'm at a loss as to why this isn't working. As I stated the server I'm on already serves other getsimple sites and this is presumably reflected in the clean bill of health under Website Health Check.



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