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PROBLEM Can't modify, update pages on new installation (all 755)
Thanks for the quick reply. I'll do as you said and report back.




Okay. I've done that but nothing appears in the debug console since it throws me off the page.


Debug Mode is on [Red Notice top right]
In Admin: Click on Pages Tab
Click on "Welcome to Get Simple !"
Click "Page Options"
Change template to full-width.php // OR edit some text // or anything else that requires a save
Click Save
Instantly ejected to root:
Hit back button I'm back where I was editing "Welcome to GetSimple!"
No changes have been saved and the console is empty.
Rechecked permissions and everything is 755.

NOTHING in i.e. no "errorlog.txt"
I've tried a fresh update to a clean install and the problem is the same -- so at least it's consistent.

I wonder if it's worth starting from scratch with either the latest beta or a previous version. I'm running 3.3.3 on my other sites.

I can change password and PM you the temp password and give you access if you'd like -- you can look around and see if there's anything amiss? Also, collect anon data is on -- I don't know if that records anything of use.

Thanks again,


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