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New to GetSimple: how to change Title text?
Hi, I've already installed GetSimple without problems, chosen Cardinal theme and now I want to change the title of the home page. I noticed that the theme get that with a function get_site_name(). I want to put my logo here and I don't know how to make it. Additionally, to change the elements background colors the straight way is changing their properties in the .css file? If it is so, how can I proceed to keep the original colors and generate the new css as a new template? It may seems I didn't understand nothing but I found very cumbersome if no existent guides to make this things.
Thanks in advance and best regards.
You are completely right, there is very little documentation on making themes. Mostly because we don’t have so much time to write the docs. Let me try to get you started on this.

I haven’t seen any themes yet that allow for easy changes, you will always have to get into the code.

All the changes you want to do will have to be made in the template.php. If you want to use an image as the logo of your website instead of the text you should edit the HTML in template.php to include an image, there is no better or easier way.

Different colours on different pages can be done in different ways. You could copy template.php and the css file, call them something else and change the CSS file. Then you will have 2 PHP files in the theme folder, template.php and the copy of template.php. You can then choose the copy to be used as the template for certain pages. (The anatomy of a theme is described in the tutorial on creating a theme.)

Another way to change colours per page is by making sure the following piece of code is used for your BODY tag:
<body id="<?php get_page_slug(); ?>">
This way your BODY tag will have a different ID on every page. You can then use these IDs in CSS (#idofpage) to give different CSS to different pages without having to create a new template file for each page.

Tags like get_site_name() and get_page_slug() are described in the Theme Codex.

I hope this can get you started on GetSimple. Feel free to ask questions here on the forum, there’s almost always someone around willing to help!
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To copy and change the cardinal theme just copy the whole folder \theme\cardinal to \theme\whatever_you_want_to_call_it

In the admin panel choose themes and set the current theme to whatever you have just called it.

Now just edit the new theme files and change whatever you need.

to change the Logo text to an image just change
<a class="logo" href="<?php get_site_url(); ?>"><?php get_site_name(); ?></a>


<a class="logo" href="<?php get_site_url(); ?>"><img src="location of your image" alt='alt text' /></a>

Hope it helps..

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Ok, tks by the follows up. By the way, n00dles101, your work around worked right.
Thanks again.

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