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Notification option to email when any files are modified

What I'd like: 

A simple tick box option with an email address list (so you can add more than one email address) that when ticked sends an email to the addresses listed with a list of files that have been modified. The email would be triggered a) whenever a file is modified or b) perhaps an option to send an email with a log of modified files every x days.

Not sure quite where to request this feature, but in my mind this could be a handy option to have in the main GS package. It would also relieve plugin developers of the burden of implementing a notification function in their plugin.

Aside from being useful to notify someone when for example a client makes changes to their site, there are a number of plugins which allow for visitor feedback or comments and the like. If someone is managing a large number of sites it's useful to receive a notification that something has happened that may require attention, rather than having to login in to each site just to check.


Not sure of this suggestion is being regarded as:
  1. a really bad idea full stop (or period, for US types), or
  2. just a bad idea for the main GS package, or
  3. a good idea, but only relevant as a plugin, or
  4. I explained it really badly and no one has a clue what I'm suggesting or why I'm suggesting it

You would have to add some kind of tracking, so you do not get a ton of emails for every save.
would quickly become a large plugin.
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Yeah. The way I would use it is like this:
When the main parties responsible for content and development are working on the site you'd have it switched off. Then, when one isn't expecting work to be done and/or one wants notification(s) for any visitor added content (or unexpected client added content) one would switch it on.

As I mentioned there are a number of plugins which allow visitors to add content (e.g. Having such a notification option centralised, would have the added bonus of relieving plugin developers of the burden of providing notification functionality.


EDIT: The point being that some sites (informational for example) once the info content is there, they don't require regular interaction. However, interaction can come from clients or visitors and the person responsible for the site may need to act on modifications or allow a post where content is moderated. This would save having to login to check (which can be a burden if you have many sites under your control).
Also, if one wanted to keep this very simple indeed. It could work like this:
The "plugin" / option. Only ever sends out 1 email, something like:
"something on the site has changed"
You login, check the various candidates or view a log etc ... then when you've had a look around, you simply click on reset.
If another change is made you get another email. i.e. reset tells the "plugin" to send 1 email on any site changes (no matter how many following changes there are, no other email will arrive until the reset button has been clicked).


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