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dynamic sidebar
Excuse my bad english, i'm italian.

I'm tryin to obtain a "dynamic sidebar": if theme directory contain a file called <slug name>_sd.php, GetSimple include it.
I wrote code below at "components page", in component "sidebar".
Code appear to be valid, but the sidebar don't appear (only html instruction after this code still appear).

<?php $includi = "/theme/miotema/" . return_page_slug() . "_sd.php"; ?>
<?php if (file_exists($includi)) : ?>
<?php include ($includi); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Below is the code in page "/theme/miotema/contatti_sd.php:

print "ciao";

How can I obtain a dynamic sidebar?

I'm pretty sure your PHP code can only be in a template. Can you put it there and see if it works?

Or (and I'm really new at GS and haven't tried this theory yet) perhaps put it in a component and call it from your sidebar? Somehow, I don't think you can use raw PHP code in a component either.
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pixelita Wrote:Somehow, I don't think you can use raw PHP code in a component either.
Currently you can put "some basic" PHP and most (if not all) GetSimple functions in the Components. Of course this might change if Chris decides to add wysiwyg functionality instead of raw code. Personally I'm for some sort of "toggle" option or checkbox that says "Parse Code" that would disable the HTML/WYSIWYG editor on a component by component basis.

There are times that components might need to be edited by clients and could contain content, however there are plenty of instances where the component might be used as a function to call sub navigation etc with raw php.

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