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PROBLEM nanoGALLERY4GS - Google / Picasa problems since 2016 08
Hi, I really like to use nanoGALLERY4GS to display Picasa/Google photo albums (Version 4.4.2a). But since some days I can't add new albums. Seems Google changed something. When I create a new album, selecting a "shared" one, as usual, nanoGALLEY4GS does not recognize it. First I thought its the name, or the sharing options, or something else I missed. But it isn't. Google changed something, what interferes nanoGALLERY to find the new  created album. Changes in existing albums are working well. Is there a chance to get this working again? I really like this concept, of uploading images to Google+/Picasa and then display them nearly automatically on my website.
Thanks a lot for advices!

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