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PlugIn Contact Form Getsimple
Yes, you can't send mails normally from localhost, you need to have a SMTP server configured or MailSender/MailCatcher
This plugin works very well. It works with with the Innovation theme without any issues.

However, this plugin could be responsive or more mobile-friendly.

1. When using the Spectral theme, on a mobile device, the form fields extend past the right boarders.  Resizing the browser window to a narrow width on a PC/Laptop produces the same result.  

2. When using the Spectral theme, on both mobile and PC/Laptop the Send button only shows "S.." for both FireFox and Chrome.

Equipment: Samsung S5 phone running FireFox browser.  Dell E-Series Latitude, Windows 10, FireFox 57, Chrome 63.

Spectral theme link

Is there a code snip to use to fix this? Is there a responsive version?

(Apologize if this has already been asked here.  I wasn't able to search within the plugin thread very well.)

Thanks in advance.

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