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QUESTION Possible improvement to LINK popup in CKEditor
I find the LINK popup dialog in the page editor utterly confusing.
External URLs are no problem, as they use absolute paths anyway, which don't have to do with the internal structure of GetSimple.
But the other options don't seem to make sense and don't seem to recognize the intent of previous internal URL edits.

Usual places for internal URLs, however, are usually relative to the directories
- the site's autogenerated pages
- data/uploads/

- theme/myTheme/ (maybe)

Since, apparently, one should use absolute paths (in view of easy site migration), it is useful to provide URLs like e.g., <?php get_site_url();>data/uploads/images/...

My suggestion: why not include the most used combinations in the popup dialog? (AND to recognise these when calling up the dialog later !!!)
Because it is nearly impossible to do so.

The ckeditor link plugin would have ot be rewritten to do either, flag relative links or local links and know when you are editing one and not a regular link. maybe add a data-localurl flag or something

We could also grab the href on edit and parse it to a local path and then switch the dialog into local link, this is also nearly impossible as the href is not exposed to the link plugin. I have tried , spent too much time and gave up on it.

Adding both these features into the ckeditor link plugin were not easily possible.

3.4 does have support for relative urls, and it is easily hacked into 3.3 by modifying siteurl or the link generation code, both as discussed in forums elsewhere.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix
Thank you, I was afraid it would be difficult.
It is basically a destructive save, ckeditor has no idea what a link is after it is reloaded, which is really crappy, but it would require adding flags, which is undesired, or parsing the links href.

I thought it was gonna be real easy to do , but I gave up trying to get the html source from inside the dialog plugin of the link being edited. Should have been easy, but it was not. Maybe ill try again some time.
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- Shawn A aka Tablatronix

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