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Two home pages, cannot delete either one
I have had this problem for a while but it's getting more and more irritating and I need help.

Not sure how I got there, but I have two home pages. One is called "Home" the other "Home Page"
Both have a slug of "index-1" which I cannot change. If I try to change the slug on one to "index", it immediately comes back as "index-1". Same thing with the other.

If I try to delete either page, it is recreated immediately.

I can change the content of one page and when I do, I actually have two home pages, one that is shown when a visitor enters and the other when he/she clicks on the Home link in the menu.
But if I try to change the content of the other page to look like it, then both pages revert to the old page.

I know it sounds crazy, and maybe my site is possessed. Maybe I need a web site exorcist... Any suggestion accepted.

I do not want to destroy (or recreate) the entire web site or take it down for any length of time as it is pretty busy. I do have a backup site that is pretty much a mirror image of the main site and it has the same problem of course, but at least my content is backed up.

I have been reluctant to go in with the console and hack it.

There has to be a proper way to clear the page index without destroying everything and if so, I'll be extremely grateful to know what it is.

Thanks in advance

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Two home pages, cannot delete either one - by Didier9 - 2017-06-09, 02:52:40

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